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Origins of Hughey and Irish Links
Origins of Hughey and Irish Links
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Hughey is a derivative of O'hEochaidh in Gaelic.  It is often spelled O'Huey, and indeed in Ireland there are more Huey's than Hughey's.  Eochaid was the name of the King of the Firbolgs in Northern Ireland.  According to Seumas McManus' book "The Story of the Irish Race", the Firbolgs were one of the original tribes of ancient Ireland along with the Tuatha De Danann.  Legends say that the Firbolgs came from Greece, where they had long been enslaved.  It is said that the Firbolgs were more "primitive" than the Tuatha De Danann (people of the Goddess Dana or Danu).  King Eochaid was slain in a great battle betwee the Firbolgs and the Tuatha De Danann.  Following their defeat, they returned to the extremes of Northeast Ireland to farm. 

Dingle Peninsula


Irish Links

Come to me like the mists of Erin.
Guard me with her ancient dreams.
Enfold me like the veil of Banba.
Cover me with kisses
like her soft, warm rain.
Let me ascend like the haze o'er Connor pass.

Among the sheer cliffs of Antrim
I'll discover you, hear your heart beat.
And in the meadows of Kerry I'll fall asleep
with my head resting in your lap.
Like a lover's kiss she seals my lips.
Like a mountain she hides her secrets
~~~Mats O Arvendal

Counties of Ireland

The Bard Speaks: 
I seek the land of Ireland
Forceful in the fruitful sea,
Fruitful the serried mountains,
Serried the showery woods,
Cascaded the tributaries of lakes,
Tributaried the well of hills,
Welling the people of gatherings,
Gathering of Tara's King,
Tara, hill of tribes,
Tribes of Mil's people,
Mil's ships and galleys,
Galleys of mighty Eire,
Eire, mighty and green,
A crafty incantation, Craftiness of Bres's wives,
Bres, of Buaigne's wives,
Great Lady of Eire:
Eremon harried her,
Ir and Eber sought for her -
I seek the land of Ireland
_  Caitlin & John Matthew (Encyclopedia of Celtic Wisdom)

The Hughey family came from Ulster in Northern Ireland